Friday, April 6, 2012

The Rite of Passage - part one

I have decided to write up a background story for my beastmen to go along with the assembling, modding and modelling. The story takes off on the evening of their first day out on the Rite of Passage and should, if everything goes as planned, take them all the way to the city of Mordheim.

Day 1:
Little Hoof looked around at the others. Pathfinder and Talespinner where tending their weapons as usual, while the younger Gors where fighting over the leftovers from the meal. The women had been alone in the woods, silly humans.
He turned his attention to Totem, the minotaur had barely moved since they lit the camp fire. He just sad there and stared into the flames. Little Hoof often wondered about what was going on in the gigantic horned head.
A sudden sound caught his attention. It was Newmoon, the centigor. The clumsy monster had found a little bottle on their victim and had spend most of the evening trying to open the thing. The sound that had disturbed the young leader of the raiding party where a growl of victory as the top of the metal bottle gave in and some ill smelling wine poured out over Newmoon's face. The centigor consumed the liquor in an instant and barfed loudly.
Little Hoof shook his head and got up. He walked from the fire and allowed his eyes to get used to the dark. A soft sound of hoofs followed him, he did not turn, didn't need to.
“What do you make of all this Stargazer” He snarled. The shaman moved to his side and stared into the thick forest.
“The Blood God will show us a battle, and we will decorate the ground with skulls and blood in his honour” Stargazer replied.
This was the first day away from the tribe. This was their rite of passage, their chance to prove themselves or die in dishonour. Little Hoof looked at the beastman beside him. Stargazer where a little older then he, but not as big.
“There will be blood” he said, “and I will gain a name worthy of my power.”

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