Thursday, April 5, 2012

Combat House rules

Now for the most debated problem with the Mordheim rules. Combat.
In most campains i have read about, people seem to think that dual-wield needs to be nerfed. However we think that its fitting for the feel of mordheim that alot of fighters choose to use two weapons, and that this is a very powerful combo.
So what did we do?
We chose to buff up some of the other equipment combinations to make them, atleast, useful.

The equipment that we find needs a little extra is namely the deffencive ones. Great-weapons, halbards, morningstars, flails and spears all have their place in different builds and tactics.
Shields, bucklers and suits of armor however are next to useless and quite expencive. So we came up with these few changes.

A Shield looks awesome on a model, and takes up a "hand" in melee. The original 6+ save is however nullified by most attacks, such as those made by warriors with pistols, strength 4, or strength 3 and armed with axe, halberd, great-weapon, morningstar or flail. You get the idear. Its useless.

So we decided that since a shield takes the place of an additionel weapon, it should also always have an effect in hand-to-hand combat.
The sollution to this in our campaign ended up being to rule that the save given by a shield will only ever be nullified by attacks or effekts that ignore armor saves all together.

Just like the shield, the buckler takes up a hand. Further more it cant be used aginst more then one attack, and none if any of them hit with a roll of 6 or have a strength value of twice the user.
Further more the bucklers effect can be achived just by arming the warrior with a sword, and then all its good for is a lousy re-roll.

So we have this idear for a change.
When armed with a buckler a warrior may parry to-hit rolls if the player rolls equal to or higher then the attckers score. This means that a sword will add a re-roll to the bucklers parry and not the other way around ofcurse.

Suits of armor are expencive and just as easy to nullifie as the save earned by wearing a shield. We diddnt however want to make armor pircing weapons useless, so we decided to, rather then buffing armor on the battlefield, give them a save aginst serious injury.

This means that a warrior who goes out of action can make a roll to avoid rolling of the injury chart. This save is not modified by shields, mounts or barding, but skills such as "Shaggy Hide" will add to the result.

 So if a warrior is wearing light armor, sword and a shield, he will have a 5+ save vs. attacks during a battle. But if he is taken out of action he can avoid any injuries by roling a 6. Had he been wearing gromril armor, he would avoid injury on a 4+.

No rerolls will ever be allowed on rolls to avoid serious injury and skills or equipment such as step aside or lucky charms have no effect.

A very long debate about dual-wield and combat balance can be found on Tom's Boring Mordheim Forum, here: Link

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