Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nurgle's Rot

So, as everyone knows Nurgle's Rot can really spoil the fun in any campaign. So instead of banning the Carnival of Chaos Warband or removing the dreaded spell/blessing/Wagon we have come up with an alternate version of the Rot.

Nurgle's Rot
The Tainted One is infected with the deadly pestilence of its lord - Nurgle's Rot. In addition, the tainted one is immune to all poisons. Nurgle's Rot is a deadly contagion for witch there is no known cure. This virulent diseasecan be passed on i hand-to-hand combat. if the Tainted One makes a successful to hit roll of 6 this will result in the target model contracting the Rot (note: Nurgle's Rot only affects the living, so Undead, Daemons and the Possessed are unaffected, the same goes for all members of any Carnival og Chaos warband). Once a warrior has contracted the Rot, mark this on the warband roster. Rather then killing the victim immediately, the Rot can take some time to set in. From now on , before the start of each battle, the warrior must roll 2d6 on the following table:
2: Child of the great father Nurgle.
The warband wakes and find that the warrior has died in his sleep. huge Warts and boils cover his body and before they can burn the corpse a nasty creature, born of the Rot, emeges from the foulness and runs off into the sewers. Remove the warrior from the warband roster and add a Nurgling to the Carnival of Chaos warband responsible for the infection. 

3: contagion.
The warrior has unwittingly passed the Rot on to another member of the warband (randomly allocate a warband member and mark this on the roster).

4-9: Not feeling good at all...
The warrior must pass a Toughness test. if suddessful, his constitution has mannaged to stave off the Rot's effects. If unsuccessful, the warrior loses one point one point of toughness permanently (if he reaches zero, he has succumed to the Rot ans died, remove him from the roster). In addition, if a 6 is rolled for the toughness test then he is feeling exceptionally ill and must miss the next game.

10: horrible side effects.
The warrior has gained a nasty side effekt of the Rot. Roll a d6. On the roll of 1 the model has gone mad from the fever, roll again just as if as if the warrior had rolle the Madness result on the serious injury chart (1-3 stupidity, 4-6 frenzy). On a roll of 2 the Rot has taken such a toll on the warriors health, that he's movement is reduced permenently by 1. On a roll of 3-5 the model suffers from intense muscle pains and physical injury is the least of his worries, add +1 to the warriors toughness. If a 6 is rolled the model has become so coverd with pus filled warts that the fighter can withstand additional punishment, add +1 to his wounds.
These changes can never take a charectaristic above racial maximum or below one.

11: Disease carrier.
The Rot has reached a level, so serious that the model have a chance to pass it on in hand-to-hand combat. Treat this as if the warrior had this very Blessing of Nurgle. If the warrior ever gets the "Cured!" result this effect is lost.

12: Cured!
The warrior has miraculusly shaken the Rot and no longer has to roll on this table (unless he is infected again in the future).

Cost: 35 Gold Crowns

Hope others will find this inspirational. 

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Lord Siwoc said...

As mention on FB...Really love how the wagon turned out!

Inspirational that it just came out of your bit box.