Sunday, April 1, 2012

Festum de Febris

This is my Carnival of Chaos warband, Festum de Febris.

First of all, my proud leader Stronzo. In the story we're running he is the barstard child of a Nobleman, who were cast out and made his living by training rats to perform in a "Ratcircus".

Then there is the Brutes, Bubo and Miss Pox.
Pox was the first to join Stronzo and she shares his vision of a world where everyone is equal and equally tainted.

Next up is the Tainted ones, Morbo and Pestis.

Thats the five heroes of the Warband. Next we have the Brethren, knowns as Les Tumore, who form the core of the Carnival.

And now for some Plague Bearers, Pus & Vomere.

And the nasty little Nurglings, Frigus Pupas.

And finnally the pride of the warband. The Plague Cart known as Equum de Febris.

Thats it for tonight. Ill try to put together a fluffy bagground story for the warband one of these days.


Da Great MC - Belgium said...

Great warband!! Thank you for sharing!!

Stephen said...

These are cool. What is the source of the female figs?